Hi all, I hadn't been posting on my blog for a while, but I recently went on a trip to India with my daughter Gala, who is also a photographer, and I think the whole thing deserves a new post.

I'm so glad we went. It was three weeks long, and an incredible experience to do it with my daughter. I loved seeing the different shots we took, especially when we were standing in the same spot. We helped each other in many different ways: we asked people to move for each other-- cleaning the shots, we gave each other ideas, and after, in the editing process, we always added something that made the other's shot better. It was so lovely to do it with her, she's a great photographer and that, of course, makes me very proud.
I had been to India once before, but never for so long. India offers so much and it seems to hit you all at the same time, at certain moments the surroundings were so overwhelming that I had to take a break. It really affects you, there are too many sensations I've never dealt with all at once. Varanasi, where the Ganges is, was the most intense, especially when we had to walk back for an hour through the narrow streets, the sheer amount of people, motorbikes blowing their horns and passing so close to you and so fast, bikes, dogs, cows, cow dung on the streets, the smell, the trash, the vendors, the colors, etc. etc, all of it was incredibly overwhelming. It's both too much and so amazing all at the same time. We took a tour with __ other people, and I think the fact that me and my daughter we were looking for beauty and interesting shots the whole time made it much more fun for us than for everyone else, at least we seemed to complain less haha. I ideally travel without a pre-planned tour, but I think this really worked for us this time, we got some excellent shots! It will be great to go back with even more time and maybe even make a photography book of India, it feels like there might be  too many of those already... But maybe one more wouldn't hurt: a father-daughter book could be really nice, huh? We're thinking about it.
Here are some shots that we took on the same spots and had different views, and here is Gala's website so you can see for yourself how great she is: www.galaricote.com
The ones with the red dot are Galas shots.