It's been decades since I began working alongside all kinds of advertising agencies, and because of that, I've spent a long time swimming in a sea of different art forms. 

In my projects, I like to combine a set of the things I've learned throughout the years and I like to create work that makes people think. My campaigns are fun for me to do, I get to promote my work and make others conscious of issues that affect us all. 

So far, I've done campaigns on the 10 green commandments, the 7 capital sins, the 7 senses, etc. I try to send at least one piece of the campaign out every month to keep myself working and developing new ideas...and so people don't forget about what I'm up to.

This time, I decided to focus on an issue that often seems to be sidelined. The world is full of plastic, and people seem to forget that they are the ones that have to make the conscious choice of saying no to plastic. Our responsibility in this isn't emphasized enough. Thus, I’m starting a new campaign to make people think about their plastic usage. I do my best to use the least possible amount of plastic at home, and hope I can help a bit so that others do the same. 

It was a kind of therapy to shoot this, during the quarantine. 

Hope you like them. 


Medical_X-Ray_botella final copy